Types Of Hair Textures You Should Try With Wigs

Types Of Hair Textures You Should Try With Wigs

One of the major parts of appearance that women pay much attention to is their hair. To women, hair is everything. The simplest mistake could be disastrous to the whole look. This is why attention must be paid to every hair detail; the style, color, length, texture down to our maintenance products. However, the stress of dealing with our natural hair sometimes can be tiring. Thankfully, we don't have to worry about that anymore, thanks to the advent of wigs.

This amazing hair substitute helps to take away most of the stress we have to deal with while giving us that same amazing look that natural hair gives us. Now, it is important to note that as attention is paid to our natural hair, we should also pay attention to wigs to achieve the best outlook results. You even have to be more accurate about how you want to look and be looked at because it comes in different colors, styles, and textures. In this article, we will be discussing some types of hair textures you should definitely consider when using your wigs.

  • Straight: This is a very widely used texture of a wig. Just as the name implies, this hair type is straight from top to bottom. Each strand stands individually, no matter how thick or thin or how long or short your wig hair is. This hair structure is so easy to maintain as all you need is to use dry shampoo to wash up the wig.
  • Wavy: This is another interesting texture of hair that you should consider using when you want to begin using wigs. This hair type is normally straight from scratch to a certain level when it begins to form waves(s shape) until it ends, depending on the type you want to buy. The waves can be looser like the body wave hair. However you like it, It's entirely up to you. This hair can be maintained by using gels to keep the hair wavy.
  • Curly:As identical as this texture seems to be to wavy style, there is a clear way of recognizing it anywhere you see it. The distinct difference between these two textures is that curly hair waves look like a loop. The hair is very delicate, and it requires attention and care as it should be occasionally moisturized.
  • Kinky:This amazing texture can help to give a free look. It is mostly caused when your curly hairs are well tightened, and it looks like very hard loops. Like curly texture, this type needs to be moisturized daily.


Besides removing the stress of keeping our natural hair, wigs come with different textures so that we can try to switch from our hair texture to new ones that are more interesting and fit us better. The beautiful thing is that you can never go wrong with any style you choose. We have shared four amazing hair textures you could try to see which one fits you best in this article.