Make your home luxurious with panda marble.

Make your home luxurious with panda marble.

You might have heard about panda marble. If not, we are here to share our expertise with you and let you know more about pandas. So you can make the perfect choice for your house. Whether you install them in the bathroom or the kitchen they will lift the look of your house. The plus point of this choice of marble is that you can change your furniture and other stuff without worrying too much about it. You can get panda marble by checking on stores online. let’s discuss it in detail.

What is panda marble?

Panda marble has got a lot of love over the past few years and is becoming a popular choice among people. Panda marble is a beautiful marble in white color that has unique black stripes on it. Probably wondering how is it any different from the white marbles that have black stripes. They are not as similar as they sound. Panda marble has bold black stripes that give the marble give a unique luxury look. The finishing of the house can look outstanding.

Origin of panda marble

As there is a high demand for panda white marble nowadays. Some vendors might tell you that their white marbles with black stripes are panda marbles but that is not the case. Those marbles might be made/ originated from India, they are not authentic panda marbles so beware of getting scammed. The authentic panda white marble originates from middle china. It is processed in china and then supplied to the whole world. So remember that whenever you're out to shop for panda marble do check its origin if it's from china or not.

Classification of panda marble

As good as it is, panda marble comes in two variations. Which are groups of blocks, and single blocks

Groups of blocks

The colors in this variation are very constant and they usually have patterns that go from wide to thin, and horizontally to diagonally

Single blocks

The colors of these blocks can be similar to the group of blocks but there might be a slight change in the patterns of these blocks.

Where can panda marble be used?

Panda marble has been used for centuries to build great monuments, surfaces, and other things. They have a lot of advantages which are as follows:

  • Panda marbles are very durable and can last a long life.
  • Panda marbles are made of hard material and are immune to breakage.

Panda marbles can be used in the following places:

They can be a good option if they are used for floor tiles. They can look flawless and provide care if they are chosen for a wall as they keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer. There is no limit to where you can apply the marble as it is suitable for many types of surfaces. If you plan on buying a panda marble the best placement can be on the kitchen countertop. If you don’t want to place it in the kitchen you can always use it in your bathroom for vanities. The best look can be achieved when panda marble is used in wide spaces.